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July 7, 2009

40 Caracteristicas Nuevas del iPhone 3.0

Para los que tienen un iPhone aquí les dejo una lista de 40 modificaciones y/o agregados que le hicieron al iPhone 3.0.

Acá el resúmen:
1. Forward or Delete Individual Messages

This feature allows you to manually select individual messages from a text message conversation, and forward them directly to another person via text message. 

You can also selectively delete individual messages.


How it works:

  • Open a text message conversation.
  • Tap edit on the top right of the screen. 
  • Check off the messages that interest you.  
  • Tap forward and select a recipient. 
  • OR tap delete to selectively get rid of messages. 
2. Email up to 5 photos at a time

The previous iPhone operating systems did not allow you to send more than one picture at a time as an email attachment. You can now send up to 5 at once.


How it works:
  • Go to photos
  • Tap the arrow on the bottom left 
  • Select the photos you want to share 
  • Press share 
  • Send the email with the automatically attached photos 

3. Shake to undo and redo typing

No matter what application you are using, you can undo typing by shaking your iPhone. If you want your text back, simply shake again. 

If you had something else written before you started writing the sentence you chose to undo, it reverts back to that. If this was the first thing you wrote, it simply erases it.

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